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Maryland Trolley Station


Painting the historic trolley station, NTPT. MD Dept. of Natural Resources.

John Purgason- 410-260-8 DNR

Built in 1906, this historic trolley barn resides in Blackmarsh State Park. DNR's dedication to preservation of landmarks provided Eastwood an opportunity to be part of the preservation of Maryland history. Painstaking attention to detail was the goal of this project with all areas being prepared and painted, with repairs of damaged areas also being performed.

Once completed, the structure was restored to pristine condition, using care in painting. Sitting beside the waters of the bay, it is a testament of how preservation of historic sites can be accomplished with the expertise that companies like Eastwood display daily.

Trolley Station Project Trolley Station Project

Garrett Courthouse


Garrett County General Services Department Old Courthouse Procurement Division.

Gary Mullic - 301-334-1928

Restoration and Painting of The Historic Garrett County Courthouse Complex, Oakland, Maryland in 2000, and again in 2007. This contract included restoration and painting of the soffit and facia of the building, and required the finest quality in workmanship and technique.

The job site was especially challenging due to the height of the building and uneveness of the ground around the courthouse. This entailed the use of specially erected scaffolding as well as the use of 50' boom lifts. The scope of work included the preparing & cleaning of the archiectural elements of the builiding, with the coating of the exterior to specifications.

Garrett Courthouse Project Garrett Courthouse Project

Cambridge Courthouse


Painting & repairs to historic portion of courthouse, Cambridge, Maryland.

C.R. Newman - 410-463-2102

The Historic Restoration of the 1854 courthouse using historically approved methods. The Dorchester County Commissioners requested that only qualified contractors provide proposals for this project, and Eastwood was chosen as this contractor. The scope of work was to return the building to its orginal splendor which included the windows be restored using period glass with the windows being reglazed using period methods.

Eastwood continues to have a great relationship with this facililty, so much so that that every year we return to restore various sections of this landmark.

MVA Tower Project MVA Tower Project

NIH Medical Building


NIH Medical Building - Lead Removal & Restoration of historic metal railings contractor - Chugach Support Serv.

Matt Calvin - 301-718-8773

Eastwood was contracted in 2004 to remove lead based paint and restore the historic railings back to orginal appearance. On site supervision was by Cindy Zaffiris. Lead abatement is challenging at anytime, but when it has to be done using chemical strippers on a medically sensitive location, without interfering with the schedules of the offices operating within, making sure that there would be no exposure to any one working in such a public area. This is accomplished only with good planing and execution that insures a good acceptable result. Eastwood and its trained staff was able to meet and exceed all the parameters of the required specification both from the Owners as well as the State Of Maryland Lead Abatement laws.

NIH Medical Project NIH Medical Project
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